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Cartoon Art

Inspired by stories and art, this page are ideas and stories with iconic characters, from batman to anime, Disney to comics. 



The Mad Hatter 2023

One of my favorite characters from Lewis Carroll's, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter. Drew a few different styles of him and this is the one I really enjoyed.

The Little Mermaid 2021

The though of having Ariel as a mad scientist, thrilled me. Enjoying the thought of having her bringing Eriks statue to life, and not a teenage girl looking for love.

2018 Alice In Wonderland

This is a project I started back in 2018. Yeah it has been a while, but this project had to take its time because I am using my life experience to express these images and stories. Using only 4 scenes from the iconic story. The other drawings are related theme. 

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