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Freelance Work

This is my work experience through the years. Starting from the first children's book I Illustrated, to doing color work on a self-dependent anime cartoon.


A parody anime of Cromartie High School

April 2022

This is a self-independent animation project, a parody inspired by the anime cartoon show, Cromartie High School: which is about delinquent high schoolers. My participation in this project was color work. Rendered 34 cat characters, in Adobe Photoshop, each having a unique color.

Eastaza Coffee

Buenas Noches 2021

October 2021 - November 2021

This was a one-week project, drawing for a coffee brand, Eastaza Coffee. Based in East Los Angeles, California.

I needed to re-daw their concept design for their limited-seasonal coffee, called Buenas Noches.

Marvel Studios: Maya Unstoppable

Un-Aired Project

November 2018

Burbank, California

This was a two-week project, in which I did color work, line work, and clean-ups from characters of the story. Used Adobe Photoshop. I am not allowed to show any work on this project, since the story never launched. But what I am going to show are a few pictures of the office, when I arrived on my first day.

Lilly Pelley's First Day of School

Children's Book

August 2012

This is the first published children's book, I was able to illustrate. Rendered in Adobe Photoshop, I helped design, color, and lay out the book. Written by Vaishali & Prisha with Lisa Aharon. This book is about a young fairy who loves to learn new spells and magic.