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Wendy Gonzalez

2D Art Illustrator based in Los Angeles, California


I am an artist because I love to expressing myself through it. Traditional drawing has been an easier route for me to express any ideas, stories, inspirations, and imagination that I have come across. From a simple character drawing to drawing a scene, stories are one of my goals, since stories are what connects with emotions and inspirations. 

I have always been a person who loves working with my hands. Expressing myself through my creativity is what has helped me get through my years of life. From my schools to college, to after, drawing has been an escape from this world we call reality. 

So I'm truly thankful for you taking the time to see my work, and read a little bit about myself. More art is always in the works, and stay up-to-date by following me on my social media accounts below:

Instagram: @gw3ndolina

Facebook: gw3ndolina

TikTok: @gw3ndol1na

Youtube: @gwend1eArt


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