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Dark Art

Inspirations from Horror movies, to ideas, and drawing challenges, this page is all horror & gore. 

Vampire Girl 2024

Horror Drawing Challenge 

Movies Inspirations

October 2021

This was a drawing challenge I participated when I had a Deviant Art account.

Theme of the challenge: What is your FEAR?

My fear was watching a really scary movie, my imagination would then play with me by making me feel there was a creature underneath my bed or couch, just waiting to grab my feet once I touch the ground and  have it eat my soul.

2018 - 2021

Movies that have inspired me to draw my own.



These are inspired ideas of clowns.

Friday the 13th


Every Friday the 13th I have come across I tend to create a drawing for that day.

Here are all my Friday the 13th drawings.

101 Dalmatians 2020