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Art Walks & Galleries 

Here are a few of my participation of art-walks and art galleries. From 2020 to present.

MidSummer Scream

Long Beach, California

July 2023

This was my first year ever attending MidSummer Scream and it was a blast. Taking place at The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in California.

The Inland Empire Strikes Back: Socal Wars 2023

Riverside, California

 The Inland Empire Strikes Back was my first attending to this event. I created Princess Leia for this event, have created more star Wars themed art but it is still in the work in progress stage. 

El Velorio: Plaza De La Raza

Los Angeles, California

October 2022

The end of 2022, I participated in an art gallery that was themed and dedicated to one of Mexico's iconic singers, Vicente Fernandez. The gallery provided each artist with a wooden canvas, shaped like a guitar. 

The Gallery was called "El Velorio," which took place in, Plaza De La Raza, located in Lincoln Park, California. The event was a celebration of one of Mexico's traditional cultures, the Day of the Dead.  

Taco & Art-Show

Los Angeles, California

September 2022

My latest art-walk/show event, was at the Taco & Art-Show, in Los Angeles, California.

My art-work participate in the art-show, along with other artist, in show casing ones work to the open public. I was a vendor as well selling prints, stickers and originals. 

Goddess Mercado Art Walk

East Los Angeles, California

July 2022

This is an art-walk event I participated as an art vendor. Selling art-work, prints and more to the open public in supporting the art world.